About Tubdio

Tubdio is free online service for streaming music videos. Streaming content is entirely based on YouTube videos.

Our aim is to provide user friendly music player with ever growing database of songs, albums, sets and artist information.

How we are different from YouTube?

We are a mash-up music website with a powerful player. Music here is organized using tags, so discovering using faceted search is very easy.

Videos we provide are manually picked from YouTube. We check that videos are available in as many countries as possible and by setting video start and end time, intro and other non-musical parts are skipped.


Tubdio relies entirely on free technologies; We are using the following:

The site runs on Hypnthoad HTTP server.

We would not be able to make this site without using the following APIs:

We are very thankful to be able to use all above software and tools and we want to return back to people by providing our service for free.

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